Update on baby Boy due in June with Down syndrome


5/27/13 1:29 pm It is so hard to be in my position… I am trying to be wise. I thank all of you who have replied and shared this need.  I have heard such conflicting information regarding the matching of this little baby. If you were hurt in this process, I am so sorry. I have heard from the agency and from people who have had direct contact with the agency in regards to the placement of this little one. All I know is the stories do not match. I would ask you would assume this situation is matched. Either by this outreach or from the prior outreach a month ago. Thanks again, and I wish I could say I know everything, but I don’t.

Inna told me:

They have sufficient families for the birth mother to pick from!

That is awesome!!

You all did a great job sharing this situation and he will have the loving home that his birth parents envision!!

So, if your profile is not in yet, do not send it!

If you have not contacted them, no need to!

They are full up with inquiries and profiles!

So… He will enter the world with waiting loving arms!!

You did it!

Thank you all so much for advocating for these special ones who need special families!


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