Family needed for a very special one due with Tay Sachs

5/28/14 talked to Shannon… she has 250 families that have contacted her 🙂 way to go adoption family!! I am so excited, there is enough to present to the birth family. So please, if you have not replied yet, don’t there is enough!!

How can hello be the beginning of a long goodbye?


Not everyone can do it, I have not been asked to yet, but there are special families among us who can hold a little one and be their family, hold nothing back and give them everything…knowing that in the end it will be very painful and their loss will be heaven’s gain.


I know there is not a whole lot of time before this little boy is born so please do not hesitate to share to find his family.

About the baby:

He will be born in MI

He is Caucasian

He is due June 8th, 2014

He is expected to have tay sachs disease

About the potential adoptive family:

There are no requirements other than having a current home study and ready for placement

About the agency and legal:

No agency involvement only legal fees

Fees are not to exceed $3500 including ICPC

The placing family will help with fees and costs if that is an issue.

Winnie the pooh classic pictures pooh4[1]

It is awfully hard to be brave, when you’re only a Very Small Animal.
– A. A. Milne (Winnie-The-Pooh)

Please share, search your heart and if this seems right for your family, please send an email to :

Trust in the Lord with all of your


5 comments on “Family needed for a very special one due with Tay Sachs

  1. I am interested in finding out a little more about this sweet angel. I have been looking to adopt/foster a newborn for I have my CNA and am furthering my education as a nurse. I have Pryor experience in persons with special needs. I’m 26 and married to the most wonderful man in the world his name is Torre Danner. We live in Milledgeville illinois both have good jobs for more information about us please contact us at Thank you for your time. SINCERELY
    The Danners

  2. Wait a second. I’m trying not to judge but why are they placing the baby for adoption if they can help with the legal fees? Sounds like they just don’t want the heartbreak of watching this baby deteriorate and die and what someone else to do it. This is a horrible situation yes but still

    • That’s not your business to ask. I just recently lost my mother and it’s not a memory that a lot of people want to remember. I completely understand why they are willing to give him a family that even if it’s only for a short time that love him and want to do everything to show a helpless baby Love.

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