New Homestudy

Josiah is a year old and we are still waiting for a lot to be done for the adoption subsidy agreement. Finalization is a long way away yet. First we need the SSI determination then the county will look over everything and preapprove a subsidy agreement to go into effect at finalization. Once the county has an agreement with us, then we can set a date for finalization.


Nothing ever happens swiftly in the newly designed marriage between private special needs placement and county government. So we have no idea what this time line is but….our home study expires in August. We have only had to get updates to this point for the last few years, but every third year in PA, a whole new home study must be written…

I am getting the list of needed documents, and hopefully there will be no gap in the home studies. I did not know this until recently, but some states, once the placement has happened, you do not need to update if all you are going to do is finalize the current adoption placement. But PA as usual is a bit more strict in every part of adoption.

But, in a way it is exciting. It means that we would be ready for a placement should it occur in PA. Even without our current adoption finalized, we could have a placement if the child was born in our state… I am not ready today, but months to a year is a long time, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. We are at the place, we would be happy either way! Either our family is complete as it is now, or it is not, either way, we are content with the blessings that surround us…



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