The Days I feel Emotionally Frail


Most days I feel like the engine that could… over and over in my mind…

” I can do this, this can happen… I will do this…forget that hill… up and over…I think I can…”

And that persistence has gotten us through so many things;


Over those bridges where it is more a suspended foot bridge that we are taking a piece of heavy equipment over…


Through the fire, where the flash back has been so hot that I cover myself with the heat resistant blanket…


In the storm, where the waves are so high I just look up because there is no other direction to look that does not scare me.


And…LIFE sometimes squeezes so hard that I cannot breathe.

The last one is the hardest…The others are quick and over in a relatively short time frame…

But the LAST, well the last is slow and bone crushing, breath crushing and every substance has a point of fracture…

Sometimes the crushing goes on at the same time as the bridges, the fire, and the storm, but once those are out of the way…that persistent crushing remains…and remains…



When I get to the point that inside I am screaming, it is enough!! It is enough!! Short shallow breaths warn me…”Breathe,” I tell myself…”Breathe”



And so is the saga of a special needs mom…and probably any mom or dad or person in this world.


At these times, I cling to the ROCK, I cling to the WORD and I hide from the WORLD…

I give my burden to the ROCK, I read the WORD and I leave the WORLD far behind…

As I ponder the WORD, I get closer to the ROCK and further from the WORLD

As I speak to the ROCK, He fills me with the WORD and empties me of the WORLD

AHHH… I breathe in the ROCK I breathe out the WORD and who cares about the WORLD!!image

Now we can do it… I think WE can I know WE can and WE will!!

Praise God for in Him I Live and move and have my being

IN Him is no Darkness at All

In him is LIFE and Life more abundant!!

Life, Breath, and Being….



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