NEEDED Immediately Four families for Four Special Situations

The Special Angels Adoption coordinator has contacted me. They do not have enough families to present to birth mothers for their current and upcoming situations!

Although their registration is free, their main focus is special, high medical needs adoptive situations. They have had an influx of families because it is free, but not enough families open to medically fragile children. So even if these situations do not work for your family, or you are not home study ready but in the process…

know there is a need for you when you are ready; if you can say YES to the children who are most fragile and need of families to love them.

Current situations in need of immediate placement

  1. A 10 year old girl with no health problems being placed due to circumstances in her adoptive family that has nothing to do with her. Low fees.

Winnie the pooh classic pictures pooh4[1]

2. A baby girl with a chromosomal deletion that may cause minor delays to very major delays to possible total care child. The adoptive family needs to be open to the unknowns that this child will face. Fees under $7,000 to $10,000.


3. A baby boy that has a very serious potentially life threatening skin disorder. Will require being kept safe from infections and will need multiple plastic surgeries. He should have normal cognitive development. Fees $5,000 to $10,000; can finalize in this state with additional costs. Can finalize in the sending state with either a return trip to the state or over the phone with additional costs.


4. Baby boy whose birth mother is schizophrenic and has taken drugs through the pregnancy. There are also some legal issues that will make the fees for the situation be close to $20,000. Some of these fees are living expenses since the birth mother is homeless.


None of these situations’ listed costs include finalization, travel or post placement costs.


HOMESTUDY READY (Meaning having a current up to date homestudy from your state of residence) Absolutely no exceptions…these situations are for immediate placement.


PLEASE read and SHARE and help find families for these truly SPECIAL ANGELS!




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