New situation and an update on the baby with the skin condition

The baby listed with Special Angels with the skin condition: He is….Matched and HOME ūüôā Isn’t it wonderful!!

When is it Enough?

One of my networking friends gave me some sad news though…for a long time now she has been looking for a home for a brother and sister.

There has been little to no interest…let me tell you a bit about them in a minute, but first…

Hope…that is what we all have…Hope. When things are really hard and we are struggling, there is a part of most of us that still retains hope. But the Bible says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” We have all experienced that; as a child, hoping that we would be praised for some good thing we have done; as a pre-teen, hoping that the cute boy or girl in the class notices us; as a teenager, hoping we get out of school and into the college of our dreams…but sometimes things don’t work the way we planned…Our Hope even the Hope that these things¬†would possibly¬†happen is gone.

These children are at this place now…They were foster children, adopted six years ago into a family that, for one reason or another, the match¬†did not work out the way either the parents or the children hoped…and at this point their hope is gone. The parents want a new adoptive home for them as soon as possible.



The little girl is ten years old, and her brother is eight. They have known a lot of disappointment in their lives and this just confirms what they think to themselves,

“I am not lovable, no one could ever love me.”

Those of us who have dealt with attachment disorder know it is a viscous cycle that sometimes, for sanity, someone has to get off of the wheel.

new camera 082

Please, no unkind words about the adoptive parents. Parenting children who hurt, get hurt by the children. It takes a special family to be able to parent a child that may never love them in the way they hope and be OK with that. It takes someone with¬†a very strong sense of worth in themselves, knowledge that changing a child’s ability to give and receive affection is not in their control. And love them anyway…even when that child purposefully hurts.¬† Hurt people hurt people.

I know there are experienced parents here, or¬†parents¬†that know they can, willingly give of themselves to children who desperately need to be loved anyway…so for those parents:


These children are Caucasian/ African American and live with their parents in Michigan. Both parents are willing to sign termination papers.  Both have mild FASD and mild RAD, according to the parents. They do have some behavioral challenges due to feeding off one another. The children can be placed together or separate.  Ready for immediate placement and or guardianship.

This family is hurting so badly that when the parents¬†were asked what the children like to do, or what are they good at…the mom did not know. She is hurting, the children are hurting and they need new parents as soon as possible.

They do have a subsidy from the state that will follow them. They are not violent, but have meltdowns and screaming rages.

They both attend public school where they have an IEP and behavioral therapy.
In their current home, both parents work full time.

It is hoped that in their new home, with attention, structure and supervision they can find what they love to do, feel secure and grow emotionally.


Are you that family? Would you consider being Christ to one or both of these siblings?

If so, please contact:

Hands outreach Adoption Services , Gloria at :






7 comments on “New situation and an update on the baby with the skin condition

    • It is password protected until the one who asked me to post the situation proofreads it ūüôā I will open it with her approval which should be soon…

    • Waiting on approval from the person asking me to post the situation. She will proof read it and give approval or edit it first, thanks ūüôā I promise it will be open very soon.

      • I received this email 11/22/14 from Gloria at the agency “I don’t believe they are being placed any longer. I’ve ask her twice even as much as last week and she won’t reply anymore. If they are placed I’m sure they remained in state.”

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