Immediately needed PA family for a 3 month old boy

Update: 8/4/14 He has a family!! Great job everyone!!

Update: 7/31/14, 11:32 am, spoke to the agency contact. They now have three families to present, pending they follow through providing their homestudy and short profile. So as of right now this situation is on HOLD.

Update: 7/30/14, 7:57 pm eastern time.  as of right now I have had only three families contact me, one after speaking with her husband, decided it was not the right time for them. Two other families, only one of which contacted the agency but has not as of yet made the commitment to be this little one’s family. So, keep sharing and do not hesitate if you feel this is your little guy. The hospital would like to have the family learn his care as soon as possible for discharge.

I do not often do this, but the contact for this situation is me…

not because I am an agency or represent one, but this is an agency I have a very long relationship with and only want to give them qualified families.

Please only send me a message if you are homestudy ready, all clearances complete and from PA.


This little one…

Needs a special family

He was born in April in the state of PA He is Caucasian and has CHARGE syndrome.

He needs a Pa family because he has all of his care plan ready to go for the state of PA

He has his medical card, discharge care and equipment rental all ready for him to come home.

He has had a heart surgery and a trach.

He has nursing care already ready and approved for sixteen hours a day.

He has all that he needs except hugs and kisses from his family.


plead my cause[1]


17 comments on “Immediately needed PA family for a 3 month old boy

  1. I read your posting on FB and would be interested in providing a loving family to this precious little one…
    Who do we need to contact?
    Would like to answer any questions you may have.
    Already have a nursery set-up in our home if this is meant to be.

    • Celeste, as you see in the posting you contact me at . The main questions I have and only qualifications: live in PA, have a current home study (approved by a placing agency that your home is qualified to adopt) and have current FBI, childline, and PA state police clearances (within the past year; FBI for all adults over 18 years old, childline and PA state police for all adults or children living with you 15 years old and above). Thanks so much for inquiring.

      • Thank you for your contact information. I must have overlooked it. And I have all my clearance as my employer requires them, but I will need to contact my local agency about getting a home study in place and need to acquire clearances for my fiance (together 15 yrs.) and my son that is currently still living at home (will be 17 on Aug. 28th and graduating high school in June 2015).
        All of our other children are grown and out on their own.
        Thank you for your time. We will be intouch.

    • HE is located in PA. No pictures are permitted due to PA law until parental rights are terminated, or without the permission of the birth family.

      • I kinda figured that which is why I didn’t ask. I’m sure he is an adorable little boy.
        I have been researching CHARGE syndrome to get a better feel for what his need may be not only now but in the future. I did see in the post that his care, equipment, and nursing have been set up pending his discharge & home setup.

  2. Wish I still had all of my credentials. I have a friend with CHARGE so I know much about it. Soo wish I could. 😦

  3. i would love to have him because i cant have anymore kids and my 6 year old would love that but i would have to talk to my husband and see what we can do.

  4. Hi my name is kelsey Hollenbach. I have a daughter that is 3 named isabella. And I’m happily married to my wife brianna Hollenbach. And we really want a baby.we would give this baby a home and the life a kid could dream about. Please help me.

    • I also wanted to let you know my husband and I already have trach vent and feeding tube experience, ever since I read this post my heart has been telling me it’s the right thing our home is handicap exseciable already please contact me thank you!!

      • Jessica, the top of this posting has been being updated for the past week. I am so glad that you have been thinking adoption of special children might be your families desire. This child however has been matched with a family. All I can tell you is to be ready! If this is your heart, I have had many adoption professionals tell me that children that have trachs and vents are the hardest to place. Make sure you have a current up to date homestudy, up to date clearances and then contact some of the many wonderful groups that find families for the harder to place infants and children…and good luck!!

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