A phone call and Grandma has a “dent” in her leg. Told her I did not have time to look at it until:

Taking all seven kids to : Evaluations, a decision of reduced therapy hours for Mazie. They do it all the time, then have to readjust them back up when her behaviors become too much for the teacher to manage.

Next week having an ISPT meeting and knowing that the case manager does not really like large families and being warned about it. Knowing she may reduce the hours even further.

On the way back home, looking and Grandma’s “dent” and finding it is a big bubble of cellulitis.


Quickly taking the kids home for food and a nap, then

Loading the seven back into the van to take Grandma to the urgent care center; pairing an older with a younger in order to keep them calm while she sees the doctor and gets her script for medicine.

Going back out to the van: stroller empty, carrying one child in each arm and Shyloh hanging onto Benjamin dressed in his Daddy’s shirt and his shirt on top with a pair of pants, fuzzy socks and shoes, then

Helping Grandma to climb the steps to the van, buckling everyone in, turning the key;

Blowing up the engine; I think the engine is not actually blown, but the fuel pump is…


Choices…we all have days that look like this; out of our control, a raft on a crazy white water ride and we have a choice: look for the GOOD!

And it was all Good.

We survived, we were right beside Burger King and Grandma and the kids and I could walk to the play yard!! One of my good friends, Beth was just a few miles away with her nine seater vehicle and could rescue us. No one got wet, it had been raining buckets, but it was clear while we walked across the parking lot and across four lanes of traffic. The traffic parted like the Red Sea when Grandma’s walker hit the road. We were close to home.

And it is All Good!!

Even Grandma had to admit it was good and she was a hard sell J Look for the Good!!



Post by Caleb Primel.    And this is a little video of Mazie from a few years back, hope you can see her DANCE!! such energy!

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