Immediate Placement: He is FIVE andThis child needs You

Update: 8/27/14 Please continue to share and pray about being presented, as of yet NO families have come forward for this little one…This special need is no different than a medical special need; this family is overwhelmed, this is not a “rehoming” this child is not from a disruption. Very important to note that distinction.


This child could be mine. He is five too! We struggle with this every day and some days are wonderful and other days bring you to tears…

But I can honestly say it is worth it to see that special light in his eyes on the good days…and the interesting way his brain works; so unique…


^^ is Benjamin our son^^

So…about this special little boy who needs YOU to be his family OR to SHARE so he can find his FAMILY!!

He is only five and he has autism.

His birth parents are looking for a new home for him. He is an only child.

He was diagnosed last summer and has been in a special preschool where he has been making great progress!!

He can feed himself and walk.

He does have some words and the ability to make himself understood.

He struggles the most with his behavior when he is tired; and he is often tired, because he cannot sleep well a few nights out of every week.

He has encephalopathy, having abnormal EEG’s with focal discharges over the right frontal region. They are not saying they are seizures because he has shown no visible seizure activity.

There are no specific requests for family type or dynamic.

But the family MUST be homestudy ready.

The fees are $11,000

If you think you can help this little boy find the pieces to fit into his own little puzzle, and be his forever family, please contact:

Sara at special angels adoption dot org


He is waiting for you,

He is waiting to be loved for the little boy he is…This treasure God Made…

He is waiting for his family.

In the presence


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