Urgent Placement: Indiana

UPDATE: 9/5/2014 from Kirsh and Kirsh:

“First off, thank ALL of you for your help spreading the word of this situation.  With your help our Facebook post was, at the time of this update, shared 128 times and reached over 19,400 people!  That is a truly amazing use of social media by all of you to do a good deed for someone else.  THANK YOU!

We received word today that mom has decided to parent.  A decision that was hers and hers alone to make.  We respect that decision and in no way would we ever try to pressure her into placing her child for adoption if that is not what she wants to do.  We wish her well.  If anything changes the adoption door remains wide open to her and her child.”



Update: 8/29/14 They are still looking for a family!!

An attorney group Kirsh and Kirsh is looking for a family open to this particular situation as well as families open to other special needs for their files.

This little one:

The mom went into labor In INDIANA on Aug 28th and they still do not have a family for this baby:


“Adoptive Parents Open to Special Needs


  • – Caucasian infant with 50% chance of having Huntington’s Disease
  • – Mom went into labor TODAY, Aug 28th
  • – No drug or alcohol exposure reported
  • – Mother has Medicaid

Adoptive family must be:

  • – Wiling to commit to adopting this baby regardless if the baby has Huntington’s Disease
  • Home-study approved
  • – Financially secure in order to provide adequate medical and continuing care as needed

If Interested in this Situation or Special Needs Adopting in General:

1. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE. We do not mean to come off the wrong way here it is just that do to overwhelming interest we cannot field these calls.

2. Send us a message via our contact form and mention you are willing to commit to adopting the baby with Huntington’s Disease.

Generally speaking we are in need of families who are open to adopting special needs children. This opportunity will come and go quickly but we are frequently contacted by women looking to place a special needs infant for adoption. In order to be eligible for this opportunity, or any subsequent special needs adoption opportunities you will need to participate in an initial prospective adoptive parent meeting, complete the necessary paperwork and have a current homestudy.”


Here is the link to their site and this particular situation.

Kirsh and Kirsh

.: As always I do not represent these agencies/facilitators or lawyers in any way.


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