2 situations A baby boy with schizencephaly, A five year old with autism

Just that quick

I can remember going into the obstetrician and getting that look, something was wrong. I remember the big swallow and the silence.

I remember…

In my case, my little one had already passed there inside and there was no hope, none at all.

This first situation, this momma had to go through the same type of thing. She thought everything was fine with her little munchkin, until that day. She will remember that day, we all do.


This expectant family is looking for a potential adoptive family to adopt her little boy who is due in October

He is Caucasian. He has been prenatally diagnosed with schizencephaly and absent corpus callosum.

Understand, there is no way to know how severely or how mildly he will be affected, this is a spectrum disorder but in the majority of cases there are developmental delays, some of which are very severe.

The fees for this situation will be no more than $13,500, but may be considerably less. Please if you are homestudy ready ( you must be due to the closeness of the due date) and interested in being the family to love a little one who so needs someone to advocate for him:

Contact sara@specialangesladoption.org


They hoped it was not so, they so hoped that they could manage, but they did not have the emotional resources, they did not have the support, they just can’t do it anymore: He has Autism

He walks and feeds himself, he communicates some, but speaks just a little. He is only five. He just started a specialized preschool and is improving!! Yeah! But he really could benefit from ABA therapy. It would be the best for him if he were the youngest in the family.

The fees for this situation are $5500. Once again, please only reply if you are homestudy ready and serious about considering being his family from this time and forevermore.

Once again the contact is : sara@specialangelsadoption.org


I know they have families, because God puts the lonely into families…He does a great job at it too!! So please share and apply if these children touch your heart and you are READY!!



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