Family Needed Due October 10th a boy Prenatal Diagnosis of Anhydromios

A Little Bit of Heaven Adoption is working with:

Update: no families  came forward for this little one, as such I am unsure if the baby was placed or she parented or she made another choice. I pray she at least chose LIFE.

A 22 y/o Caucasian expectant mother, who is having a boy, due on 10/10/14 wishes to be matched with a perspective adoptive family.


There are two possible expectant fathers; one is (possibly) biracial and one is Hispanic. They are basically unknown so agency may or may not find them.


Danielle is in jail for drug charges and will be there until after the birth of the baby. Sarasota hospital does not let adopting parents have access to the baby until consents are signed OR only with the birth mother present. Since Danielle will have a guard in her room and cannot have visitors, the adopting parents won’t need to come to the hospital until consents are signed. Obviously, this family would not need to come to meet the expectant mother prior to delivery and may not even get to meet her then. However, if she gets out of jail while they are still waiting for ICPC, I think she would like to meet them.


Danielle is Hep C+ and used IV Opiates daily from June until her arrest in August. She has a hx of IV drug use but she had been clean for about a year and then relapsed in June (per expectant mother). After getting booked into jail, she started to withdraw and they sent her to the hospital. She was put on 20 mg. of Methadone and had all of her bloodwork, labs and an ultrasound done. The u/s indicated a hx of Clamydia and having “Anhydromios”, however regarding the Anhydromios, it states “no fetal compromise”. Danielle states they kept her for two days and had her on IV fluids telling her at discharge that her fluids were now fine. We did talk to the nurse at the jail who stated that everything is fine with the pregnancy.


Danielle has a 3 year old biracial daughter who is staying with the paternal grandmother. Danielle has said that no one knows she is pregnant or that she is making an adoption plan. Her mother basically left her with the stepfather when she was 14 and moved to Canada. She then lived with her stepfather and stepsister until a short time later when her stepfather hung himself. She then lived with her sister for a short time and then pretty much was on her own. Last December, her step sister hung herself as well.

She really has no one in her life.


Agency has attached her jail records and her medical social history.

The agency fees would be $28-29k, the breakdown:

  • The match fee and expectant mother expenses would be 17-18k; the agency is putting money in her commissary and will help her get housing if she gets out prior to 6 weeks post-delivery.
  • and the placement fee would be $11k after signing

plus A Little Bit of Heaven’s fee..

Please let Betty know asap. at if you would like to be shown

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5 comments on “Family Needed Due October 10th a boy Prenatal Diagnosis of Anhydromios

  1. I live in Florida and would definitely apply for this situation if the fees weren’t still so exorbitant, considering she is getting all of her meals, housing, clothes, and medical for free while incarcerated, commissary is not an expensive investment, and she “may need help finding housing IF she gets out,” and the baby may need surgery or extended hospitalization when born and the birth mother has used IV drugs and is hep c+ and the father’s history is unknown, and then it says at the bottom, “plus a little bit of heaven’s fees.” This is not a posting for a baby in need; if it is, the agency’s cost would be reasonable and logical, not $30,000. I apologize, but money should never keep someone from being a mother, and in private adoption when $15- $25,000 isn’t enough, especially for someone taken care of by the state, something is very wrong, especially if one’s goal is to place the baby, who may have severe medical needs, in a safe and loving home, a baby due in less than a month.

  2. Please reconsider posts like this. This agency is obviously out for profit. My heart hurts for this woman but jail situations are very complicated and should often be left to social services.

    • many agencies do place children from mothers that have made the decision that THIS child that they love will NOT spend time in foster care. They are making this choice because after all, it is their baby. And I am not an agency at all, but all adoptions are complicated.

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