Mom in labor family needed immediately

9/25/14 Mom’s labor stopped, and she was sent home, giving Sara time to screen the many emails she received. The result, FIVE that is right FIVE families’ profiles have been sent to the mom so she has a CHOICE!! You did it! You shared, and shared some more. This little guy will have a family to love him from day 1!!

The baby boy due Oct with schizencephaly is being born NOW and still there are no families…Please …reconsider.

Time has run out, please lets not let this little special angel not have a family…Church awaken!! Click on the link for more details or just contact Sara:

Contact Sara at

As of 10:50 am eastern time 9/23/14 Fees reduced to $10,000 due to a change in agency; including finalization in IL (out of state families can finalize in IL). 

from the original post:

 He is Caucasian and due in Mid October in the state of Illinois.

  • We are looking for a special family to open their hearts to a Caucasian boy due in October.

  • He has been prenatally diagnosed with schizencephaly and absent corpus callosum.

  • This is a spectrum disorder but most have developmental delays with some very severe.

  • The fees will be no more than $13,500 but may be considerably less, includes termination of parental rights and ICPC. 

Please email Sara at . We need to find a family as soon as possible – Oct. will be here very quickly.

They were created to show God’s glory.. John 9: 25 One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see…



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