URgent Situation Due next Week Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


Update: 9/30/14 12:50 am

From Sacred Selections:

The little baby boy who is to be born this week with a heart condition has found a Home!

Please keep this precious Baby Boy and his new family in your Prayers

Thank you so much for sharing this post…you are made a difference in the life of THIS ONE!!

Please Only Contact Sacred Selections IF you have a CURRENT Homestudy. No time for an Update or a New Homestudy. Most of these situations You have to be prepared in Advance…Waiting and REady!!


A little Caucasian Boy will be born next week who desperately needs a home ! Mother took no drugs, no alcohol, no mental illness, yet baby boy will be born with Hydroplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He will need a Norwood procedure (surgery) within 2 weeks of birth and possibly need 2 more surgeries following within 3-4 years.

Birthparents have signed off rights. If you are Homestudy approved contact info@sacredselections.org and we will forward the information we received from the Adoption Agency. Please Please Pray for this Baby Boy and the courageous family that will adopt him

And you know how this works…SHARE!!

He has a home, we know he does; so lets find it!!

 Pray for their hearts to be ready for him; pray for him to be ready for them…Pray for the doctor’s for wisdom…And most importantly, Pray for the precious expectant Momma who is making this difficult choice.


20 comments on “URgent Situation Due next Week Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

  1. We have a 9 year old with HLHS. We know what all is involved. We would be willing to adopt another baby that has HLHS. How do we get the process started?

  2. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is when the left ventricle is underdeveloped and oxygenated blood to the body is restricted. Our son was born 2 years ago with severe HLHS (there are usually other defects either in other organs or within the heart also). He made it through the 1st surgery but passed away at 2.5 months old. These children can live very normal lives but will have at least 3 open heart surgeries in the first 3 years of life to correct defect.

    • Thank you so much Andrea for the information! and I did correct the title 🙂 As I said, I just copied what Sacred Selections had written. I am sure it was a very unintended mistake! Hydroplastic I guess there is no such thing! Hypoplastic has to be right!

  3. This breaks my heart. Our son (almost 18 months) has HLHS & I can’t imagine living without him! He is amazing! I’m praying so hard that this sweet baby gets a home & family that will love him with everything that they have.

  4. Will be praying for God’s devine intervention in this whole process. There is a family just waiting to love & take care of this precious little prince.

    • Toni, sometimes the expectant mother was already considering adoption, but it so happened the child has a medical condition. It changes things because not every perspective adopting parent feels they are equipped to parent a child that has medical needs. Pray for her and for the baby would you?

  5. Oh I wish I got to have a chance at taking care of this baby. We are a military family with great insurance that could cover his surgeries and a family that would love him more than ever. I know what the home study program is but I’m not verified. Please give me a chance.

  6. im unable to have children and would love to give this angel a beautiful and Christian home. Please consider my husband and I the chance to give him the care and medical treatment that he needs.

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