Baby boy due end of Oct 2014 in AZ


Update: Mom decided to parent!

For this expectant mom, parenting is not her first choice. In fact, she is choosing LIFE but taking care of herself is hard enough and she just cannot do it. She is making the best choice for her situation. Please pray for her that she would find peace that passes all understanding and find a way to find the balance in her life that she so desperately needs. But praise God for her LIFE choice!!


This situation is through SPECIAL ANGELS ADOPTIONS.



This little one is due in the state of AZ at the end of the month. He has been exposed to major drugs. His mom has serious mental health issues and has been self-medicating with meth, amphetamines, and other drugs. She does deny alcohol use.

As of her last ultrasound and other standard tests, he is showing no physical signs of her drug usage (of course that is not a guarantee that all is well, but pray for him that he stays protected).

He has three possible expectant fathers whose rights will all have to be terminated.

He is partial American Indian so ICWA will have to be a part of the process.

Due to all of these extra factors, the fees are being estimated at up to $25,000.

These fees include: placement, ICPC and ICWA and terminations.

Not included are: travel, post-placements and finalization.

ALL families, except from NY state, with current homestudies are encouraged to apply. If you are comfortable with the risk factors of heavy drug usage and mental health history of the expectant mother, please contact



Please remember to pray for this mother and her little one, that God would move in a mighty way; that they would feel the love of Jesus flowing through each family that responds; that a family that is perfect for this little guy is ready and willing to say YES.


Is that family yours?

If not, please share so he can find it!!

Thank you all so much for what you do for these special ones.


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