Home needed for a Little boy with shaken baby syndrome

I recently have been looking at situations on www.adoptuskids.org . So many situations are listed of children that have been abused in this most devastating way. I would hope someone would step forward and be a loving, safe and forever family for this little one.


This situation is shared with the permission of creating Christian families.

They have a mom they did an adoption for years ago and she is asking for help with finding a family to adopt her severely special needs son. The little guy was born in 2010. He was healthy and beautiful. Later he experienced shaken baby syndrome from a baby sitter who is now jailed for the crime. Sadly though, the brain damage is severe. He cannot walk, talk etc and is on a feeding tube.

After corresponding with Deb, she also gave me this following information:

Our fee for counseling with the mother would be $1,000. The family would process this placement as a private adoption and pay attorney themselves.

He is not on any breathing support and he also recognizes his care takers

If you are interested, please send your profile and homestudy to:


Deb O’Kane

Mother Goose Adoptions
Main office mailing address:
15029 N Thompson Peak Pkwy

Scottsdale, AZ 85260
480-248-2169 (efax)

And, pray for this little boy; that he would be able to transition into his forever home easily. Pray for his momma that she would be sure of her decision. Pray always for wisdom in the families applying and their navigation through the hoops of private special needs adoption.

I hope soon to be able to show a picture of fireworks!!



3 comments on “Home needed for a Little boy with shaken baby syndrome

  1. Hi! I would love to be able access the adoption links but it says I need a password. What do I need to do in order to obtain the password? Thank you!


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