Sibling group may need a home: exploratory posting

Update: 11/13/14 From Mark Miller

Chelsea (intervention situation with 5 siblings):  I met with the incarcerated father of three of the five children – I will refer to him as Father No. 2.  He is supportive of the intervention (not his first choice, but his most prudent option at this time).  I believe Chelsea will execute consents to the four older children on Monday and Father No. 2 will sign his consents on Tuesday.  If the intervention process goes as planned, the parental rights of Father No. 1 (the father of the oldest child has been uninvolved in the process) will be dealt with on an abandonment basis.  It remains to be seen who the father of the youngest child is. It is either Father No. 2 or she could be the daughter of Father No. 3.  As stated in an earlier post, Chelsea has an infant  (about three months old) and it appears that she is going to attempt to complete her case plan for that child and, unlike with her older children, she does have time remaining on her case plan to do so.


At this time, Chelsea has information on 8 couples.  See below.


I suspect that she will want to have more information of one or more of the couples over the weekend and certainly by Tuesday, the next court date.  If you are one of the eight couples that sent me information, please email me tomorrow at and state, “We are (or I am) applicant _”  and I will send you an application packet that will need to be filled out and sent back to me via email over the weekend.


If I get any more informal packets tomorrow, I will send them to Chelsea and she should see them on Saturday.   I will continue to update on my Facebook page, so stay tuned.


Family A resides in Florida and they have 16 children (nine child not adopted and seven adopted) ranging from 2 to 22 years in age.


Family B resides in Washington and they have 8 children ranging from 13 to 2 years. None were adopted.


Family C has 15 children and it appears that 5 were adopted and they are between 22 and 2 years of age.


Family D has one child, he is five and not adopted and they live is Missouri.


Family E has seven children (all adopted) and they live in Pennsylvania.


Family F has one child (step-son age 14) and they live in Georgia.


Family G is a single parent with no children and she lives in Pennsylvania.


Family H is a couple that lives in Florida and it is hard to tell from the information they sent in if they have no children or perhaps a son around 5 or 6 years old.


Family I is a couple that has three daughters, all adopted.  They did not disclose where they live, but some of the photos had snowfall on the ground.


Mark R. Miller, Esq.

Fl. Bar No.:  935883

Ford, Miller & Wainer, P.A.

4028 Blanding Boulevard

Jacksonville, Florida 32210



904-354-9922 fax

904-477-6677 cell/text

Yes there will be a FAMILY for them should she decide to place!! Whoo HOO!!


UPdate: 11/10/14 from Mark Miller:

Chelsea: She is still in the decision phase of which direction to go in but she is still leaning towards the intervention process. At this time, four families have sent in “unofficial” applications for Chelsea to review. I am in the process of setting up a meeting for her to see what types of families are out there willing to adopt her children as a sibling group.

Family A resides in Florida and they have 16 children (nine child not adopted and seven adopted) ranging from 2 to 22 years in age.

Family B resides in Washington and they have 8 children ranging from 13 to 2 years. None were adopted.

Family C has 15 children and it appears that 5 were adopted and they are between 22 and 2 years of age.

Family D has one child, he is five and not adopted and they live is Missouri.

 11/6/14 at 10:42am. I contacted Mark Miller and asked him the following :

Mark, I have shared the need for a family for Chelsea’s five children. just wondering if you have received any responses as of yet? and when do you plan on showing her the profiles you do receive.

His response was:

Many have said they will be sending in something. Nothing has arrived yet but it is early. I have not decided on when to meet with her yet. There is a chance she may not want to meet at all. Dealing with folks who have had their children taken away requires a deft touch…

However, she will not even know this is an option for her unless you send your profile in. If you have not already, if you contacted Mark and told him you were sending in your profile for this birth mother to view, please do so!! He has NONE right now 🙂


I have been watching the development of this situation that Mark Miller, an attorney in Florida, was approached with to see if an intervention was possible. I am not a lawyer, but Florida has begun a new program where children who are at risk for the parents rights to be terminated involantarily, can decide to place privately with the approval of the children and youth system in the state of Florida.

Sibling groups especially of this size, are most difficult to place even when placed within the foster care system. I think this idea of Florida is a win win situation; the children are placed much more quickly and the state does not have to pay foster care/subsidy payments to the family who is adopting the child.

Difficulty of course may arise if the child(ren) need the assistance that subsidy offers. But here is the situation and if you are at all interested, contact Mark Miller in the precise manner he asks. If this situation is not something you would consider, PLEASE SHARE!! They have a family, so lets find it!


“Good Morning,   This is an exploratory posting only.   “Chelsea” is a very young African-American single mom of five children under the age of 6 (6, 4, 3, 2, and 3 months).   The State has placed the children in a foster home and the case is getting to the point where the Court is going to set a trial on the State’s Petition to Terminate her rights based on allegations of neglect.

There are three different fathers one for the six year old who is basically avoiding the situation and is in South Carolina, one for the middle three who is in jail and will likely cooperate with a private adoption and the father of the youngest who is “objecting” to any talk about adoption but is not availing himself to the legal system and his options there.   “Chelsea”, of course, does not want to “lose” her kids to the foster care system but also is having a difficult time deciding to voluntarily relinquish her rights.  From an outsider’s perspective, it is clear that her indecisiveness may get her to a point where all of her options are gone and the State is going to go to trial and prevail.  At that point, she loses all say in the process.

To help her make a decision one way or the other, she has asked me if she could meet a family/couple that would be willing to adopt all five in a sibling group.  Logistically speaking, setting up a meeting with a family is a very difficult step for me to pull off.  However, I think there may be a way to let her see who is out there that is interested in this situation.  This is not the perfect solution but it may lead us in the right direction.   I am going to ask any couple or family who MAY be interested in adopting 5 African-American boys and girls as a sibling group to send me their profiles.  I will provide the profiles to “Chelsea” as a way to show her who is out there willing to adopt in this type of situation.

At this juncture, I am going to provide limited information.  Of course, no one is committed to anything going forward but I would ask that those of you who do send in a profile have a home study ready and that is specifically states (either in the body of the home study or an addendum or a letter from the provider) that you are suitable to adopt a sibling group, including an infant.   If you are not sure if your h/s is sufficient, please contact your h/s provider and ask for a letter of clarification.  If this situation does proceed, we are not going to have the luxury of time on our side.   There are so many factors that I cannot list here that will come into play so I do not expect anyone to commit to anything.

I am just looking for families that are in a position to and are interested in this situation.  Once “Chelsea” makes a firmer decision, we can go to the next step.   The children were born in 08, 10, 12, 13, and 14.  They are b, b, g, g, g.   The oldest is six and seems to be dealing with some developmental issues.  He is very high functioning but there is a preliminary diagnosis of Autism.  The other four seem to be doing well.  The current foster parent is unable to adopt the five.  There are no suitable family members the State is willing to approve.   Assume for this email that all three fathers’ parental rights will be terminated.  Assume for this email that ‘Chelsea” is interested in some level of communication going forward.

AND PLEASE do not ask me about adopting the infant only or otherwise separating the sibling group.

  Assume for this email that legal fees and costs will be less than 15K.

Assume for this email that any and all benefits these children may be entitled to through to State would end in a private placement.

Please, I know anyone who is even slightly interested is going to have (and rightfully so) dozens upon dozens of questions.  We are not there yet.  With the assumptions listed above, assume everything else is a non-issue and if you are interested please send to me (at the address below) your profile book (which I never have asked for in the past – so if you don’t have one, make a quick disposable scrapbook that you can send me) and a way to contact you by email.   I do not have a set deadline but I assume I would need these in hand by this time next week.

Please write CHELSEA on the exterior of your envelope.   Again, I am not asking you to commit. I am asking you to let me know if, all things working out favorably, you would be interested so I can show “Chelsea” the number and quality of interested families out there.


(Final word – if you have strong feelings about why I should or should not being doing something like this, I know the arguments.)

  Mark R. Miller, Esq. Fl. Bar No.:  935883

Ford, Miller & Wainer, P.A.

4028 Blanding Boulevard

Jacksonville, Florida 32210″  

904-390-1970 904-354-9922 fax 904-477-6677 cell/text


8 comments on “Sibling group may need a home: exploratory posting

  1. Hello! I was wondering if you could pass along your password to your adoption links? That is how we found our daughter:)

    • when I asked him the question if there were any preferences that they were looking for in adoptive families he said no and that this situation is open to parents in ANY state.

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