Krisette is 2 from TX

I decided for national adoption month, I would feature waiting children on the days there are no new situations:

Introducing Krisette 🙂 Isn’t she cute?


All information is obtained by her link on adopt us kids. To make an inquiry, you need to have a current homestudy and fill out the registration information on this tab. Then you have access to more information about her and her current caseworker. I hope she finds her forever home very soon!


Status: Available
Name: Krisette
Age: 2
Race: African American/Black
Gender: Female
State: Texas
Case #: TX0178853
Last Profile Update: 06/23/14
Photo Updated: 06/24/14

About Krisette

Krisette is a happy toddler who is very sweet and calm. She enjoys “tummy time” on the floor and she will typically try to roll over or scoot herself backwards. Krisette is diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome  and Sickle Cell Anemia . Although she is non-verbal, she can make sounds and is able to cry when uncomfortable. Krisette is unable to stand or walk independently. She utilizes a specialized wheelchair to provide support while sitting. Krisette is also visually impaired and has little functioning on the left side of her body. She is beginning to gain strength in her upper body. Krisette has ongoing medical appointments and also receives physical and occupational therapy. She desires love and security from a forever family.

Our son, Ian, who is now 16 was adopted from state foster care 🙂 We love him to bits!

DSCN0001 (2)




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