Dave who is 4 in Ohio

When we went to the county to sign our papers for subsidy today, the director of adoptions in our county asked when we would be ready to adopt again… You see they have a sibling pair; a girl who is four with shaken baby syndrome, a G-tube and in a wheelchair, and her little brother who is two and a half…and they need a family…Almost in every county, the story is the same…

The children who wait; here is Dave from Ohio. He is four and such a sweetie!! Doesn’t he look like a little love?


This information is obtained by the adoptuskids.org  site. His link provides the same information.


Status: Available
Name: Dave
Age: 4
Race: African American/Black
Gender: Male
State: Ohio
Case #: ZH188400612
Last Profile Update: 09/09/14
Photo Updated: 05/13/14



About Dave

Dave is a beautiful little guy with a bright smile and loving spirit. Dave is a strong and determined toddler. Dave was born with a rare genetic disorder, Xq28 duplication. It causes him to have severe developmental delays and a limited life span of 16 to 25 years. Dave requires tube feedings and a CPAP machine at night to help him with his breathing.

Dave is an easy going child who wants lots of love and attention. His smile lights the room up and he is very engaging. He loves to be tickled and his giggling out loud is like music to your ears. Dave pays full attention while watching his favorite Nickelodeon show, Yo Gabba Gabba. Dave does well with other children and would fit in with a caring, patient, and nurturing family that can meet his ongoing medical needs. Dave is very young and deserves a nice family to call his own. If you are interested in making Dave a member of your family, please contact: Tori McCurdy-Teague at 216-881-4665.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re a registered user of our website, log in to make an inquiry about this child.

If you’re not a registered user and have a home study, register to make an inquiry on this child.

Once again, if you have a current homestudy, click on this link to go to the registration page so you can inquire on becoming Dave’s family!!

And if your county is anything like our county, they will be so glad to have a family on file that is open to medical special needs. If you feel led to adopt, many people wait until the new year…but there is honestly no time like the present!!! There are so many Dave’s waiting and one may even be in your own county.


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