Josiah finalization is final until it’s not

Yes you read that right. We have an order signed by the judge that Josiah has been finalized…but our county messed up the paperwork for the subsidy.

In order for the county to be reimbursed at the federal level for his medical card costs and the monetary subsidy, the dates must be right. And… they are used to PA law where the finalization date is known weeks ahead of time. In VA, the date is known after the fact. They did not have us sign the agreement until …. after the finalization making the subsidy reimbursement agreement invalid…so they want the VA lawyer to VACATE the adoption and refile it.


Yes, vacate it and REFILE it in VA. So the county will be reimbursed for Josiah’s costs at the federal level. We are a small county and … yeah.

If we say no, it will really strain the county’s Children and Youth budget…So, well…

So how is that for you. We are always the family where they say…” this is new, we never had anything like this happen before…” And…if it is new for them, the professionals, well then we are definitely the way-makers. The VA lawyer has been doing adoptions for 20 years and you guessed it, ” This has NEVER happened before. I have never done this before unless it was a contested adoption and that is for much different reasons. I have to justify to the judge why he needs to vacate the order…”


Had anyone EVER heard of this before?? such a strange, strange world adoption is… such a strange world.



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