India W born in 2004 in SC

Update: the links for the specific child are not working to see India: go to the main link: Click on the tab: view the gallery: then go to region IV; go to the second page; her picture is on the bottom left of the grid on the left side of the page…click on her picture and you will see her gallery!! Sorry a lot of these sites once you do the search, the page cannot be shared or copied!! And the gallery pictures cannot be copied because they are copy written. On the non gallery pages, the pictures are easier to share.

 I cannot copy the pictures for this little girl from the Heart Gallery web page for South Carolina…click or trust me this little African American girl is absolutely sweet…she has that look; where are you? Where is my family? That look always breaks my heart… Here is her written information:

InthTIB9ICIEdia W    Born 2004

India describes herself as fabulous, smart, and funny. She enjoys swimming and likes cats and kittens. India would like to be a nail designer when she gets older because she loves to do nails. Her favorite movies are the Twilight series, her favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs, and her favorite color is pink. At school, India likes Spelling best. She states that Superman is her hero because “he stops evil”. India would like to be part of a loving family that includes a mom, a dad, other siblings, and a cat. She would also like to remain close with her brother.


Once again, most states have a heart gallery (or multiple). If you are interested in India you will have to click on the link on her page  at the bottom which states “inquire about adoption”. You can see in the description they want her to remain close with her brother which usually means they want to keep her in SC. She is also not listed on adopt us kids because they are looking within the state of SC.

When you read descriptions on the children, try to pick up on the clues to see if it is worth applying or not; if you meet the criteria set for that child’s adoptive parents.  I hope as I post these children and you are new to adoption, you would consider checking often for possible matches for your family on the foster/adoption web pages.

You never do know!!



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