Keep up now … Sam who is 7 with Down syndrome

This situation was taken from the CHASK website. CHASK stands for : Christian Homes and Special Kids

Sam needs a loving Christian home


“Sam” is a seven-year-old internationally adopted boy with Down Syndrome. He was adopted four years ago from Eastern Europe along with several other children who also have special needs. “Sam’s” treatment at the orphanage left him tiny, frail and weak, along with significant sensory/attachment issues. Although “Sam” has made tremendous progress since coming home, he continues to struggle with behaviors and attachment.

His behaviors are especially upsetting to his adoptive and younger siblings, and with a newborn on the way, the family feels “Sam” would do best in a family with no children under the age of three. “Sam” enjoys interacting with older children and adults and does so much more appropriately, although he still requires redirection and firm boundaries. The family believes that in the right environment and with lots of one-on-one, many of “Sam’s” behaviors can be addressed.


“Sam” is currently homeschooled and he is on a gluten-free diet. “Sam” is non-verbal and will only use sign language when prompted. He is not potty trained, although he will occasionally initiate sitting on the potty and use it appropriately. “Sam” enjoys feeding himself, putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and trying to dress himself (he requires lots of assistance). He loves music, toys with lights, and playing in water. He can be very affectionate and sweet, especially with adults, but must be constantly monitored with younger children.


The family would love to find a “forever” home for “Sam” with no younger children (under the age of three), experience with orphanage/attachment behaviors, and the ability to give him the one on one attention he needs. While ideally the family would like to find a smaller family for “Sam”, they understand that usually adoptive families tend to be big. They definitely prefer a family with older kids and will absolutely not consider any families with children under the age of three.


“Sam’s” family would also like to stay in contact with the new family. Visits aren’t necessary, but they would like to know how he’s doing with occasional updates and pictures. He’s been a very important part of this family & their lives for four years.  The state of residence for inquiring families is not important. The family’s major emphasis is on finding the right family for “Sam”, wherever they might be. Married Christian couples only. The family would consider either a homeschooling family or a family integrated into the system. The big priority is that they are knowledgeable about post-institutional/orphanage behaviors and attachment issues. Biting, pinching,  screaming, pushing, laughing when others get hurt, and throw downs are all behaviors that a family needs to be aware of when considering “Sam”.  Current home study and references will be required.  Please contact for additional information.

that is g underscore sam68 at

And I missed three days so two more situations will be posted shortly for a post a day on national adoption month!! Keep up now ! I hope Sam’s family will find him very soon!



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