Christian Alysia Raymond Tyson Taylor Lynzee in Kansas

This sibling group can be found on these children can only be placed in Kansas at this time. This once again is the “state” listing for Kansas children. Homes usually are sought in the home state prior to listing the children on adopt us kids.

The description of these siblings was obtained by their page on adopt Kansas City Kids.



Christian, Alysia “Ally”, Raymond, Tyson, Taylor and Lyndzee are in need of a family that can deeply commit to them and encourage them to be their very best. Christian is a sweet boy who really responds well to adult attention. He wants to do a good job in everything he does, although he sometimes appears to not be motivated to take part. He really loves his siblings and enjoys playing cars, video games, playing outside and watching TV. Ally is a bright little girl who loves to get her hair done and play dress up. She enjoys playing and seems to make friends easily. Ally likes school and seems to do very well with little prompting. She is a good reader and will willingly spend 30 minutes per day reading. Ally takes good care of her personal hygiene and dresses herself appropriately. She does not like to be told what to do and will back talk and complain or try to get her siblings to behave poorly if she is asked to complete a task that she does not want to complete. Raymond is an active little boy who responds well to love and encouragement. He loves physical contact and adores being liked. He is motivated by positive reinforcement. Raymond can lack motivation and has been defiant when trying to engage him in tasks. He fights bedtime and has disrupted others. Tyson could cuddle all day long and likes nothing more than to be read to or rocked. His speech is in line with what you would expect from an 18 month old child, not a five year old. This is improving daily. He is not on target emotionally either, but with therapy he can make up for lost time. He does not recognize any numbers or letters but exhibits a higher level of intelligence despite his struggles. It just seems to take him longer. Tyson also struggles with rules and boundaries, including boundaries with touching others. He can be aggressive. Bedtime and discipline are also issues with Tyson. Taylor presents as a healthy all around little girl. She likes girly things and pretend play. Taylor continues to grow and is eager to learn. She loves playing with others and is very good with sharing. Taylor likes to make up songs and she loves to sing. She is really smart and is learning her ABC’s and already knows how to spell some short words. She loves to be challenged and always wants to achieve all she can. Taylor is very talkative and appears to be a happy child. Lynzee has gained some weight and is looking healthier. She had been slated as failure to thrive, being under weight when she came into custody. Lynzee is also involved in some speech therapy. She is starting to be a lot more social. She is very energetic and is fearless in physical play. She loves to eat and likes to feed herself. Lynzee is very observant and likes to mimic things she sees. She is very mobile and would rather run than walk. Christian, Alysia “Ally”, Raymond, Tyson, Taylor and Lyndzee need a family who has a heart for adoption, and is willing to commit to keeping these siblings together. At this time, only families living in Kansas will be considered for this sibling group

They also have a Wednesday’s Child segment that you can see from clicking on that link.

I hope they can find a family that can love them, help them heal,  and a family willing to fill their house with lots of activity!! If you are in Kansas with a current homestudy and these children touch your heart, contact the case worker by registering on their site and inquiring on these children. Here is the link to register on adopt KC kids.

I hope listing the links and the children from different areas in the US will encourage you that if you have a heart for adoption, can get a valid homestudy…there are children waiting and needing your family!! There is surely at least ONE child that is a match!! But it does take work to navigate all of the sites and fill out the forms and make the inquiries. But the work is well worth it!


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