Introducing Farrell from Arkansas

As usual for most winters and holiday seasons, the adoption world becomes very quiet. But… children still wait in the foster care system for their forever homes:

The information for this child was obtained from the state listing for Arkansas. This child may or may not be listed on adopt us kids, but is on htpps://  listed on my links page:  AAANNND HERE IS CUTIE FARRELL


Age: 3
Gender: Male
Race: Black

Farrell is a joy to around with a bright spirit despite of his special medical needs.  Farrell is interested in cars, books, and interactive toys.  He enjoys the movie “Cars”, and it appears to make him happy by the way he squeals.  Farrell needs an adoptive family who can commit to attending medical appointments in Little Rock and a being a lifetime caregiver to his extensive medical needs.  Parents with experience in medically needy children or advanced medical training would be preferable. Farrell would do well in a two or one parent home with a great deal of attention, love, and affection.

There is nothing listed in the above description indicating he must stay in his home state; except mentioning Little Rock as his hospital and doctor area. Sometimes if a family can demonstrate that they have comparable care in their area, the state might consider an across state lines adoption. Isn’t he cute?




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