Tiarra and Ciarra from TX

My gosh these girls are cute…come on now,  inquire on these beautiful princesses if you have a homestudy! These girls are listed many places including adopt us kids.  But what I find sometimes is that this site ” A family for every child“, also listed on my links page, can sometimes give a bit more information in the description and even sometimes a video. These supporting sites for children waiting in foster care can be an additional bit of information to have for a searching family:



Bulletin #TX2354
Ages 3 and 3
Date created: 03:10PM Monday 06/30/14
Last updated: 04:32PM Monday 06/30/14

Texas Child

Ciarra is a sweet, happy, and loving child who always has a smile on her face. She loves lots of hugs and cuddles. Ciarra plays well with other children. She enjoys school and is loved by everyone in school. Ciarra is starting to talk and is able to say words and small sentences. Ciarra is able to identify and name objects, say her name, and say short sentences. She receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Ciarra’s mobility is improving and she is now able to sit up, scoot around throughout the home, and pull herself up to a standing position with support. Ciarra is a sweet girl who enjoys listening to music, playing games, and playing with animals.


Tiarra is an energetic and active child who loves to be the center of attention. Some say she is a blast to be around. Tiarra loves to laugh and she has a great personality. She gets along well with other children and responds well to redirection. Tiarra enjoys school and she is loved by everyone at school. She likes dogs and loves playing with the foster family’s dog. Tiarra receives occupational and speech therapy and she is doing well in both areas. She enjoys playing with her sister, playing with her dolls, and watching cartoons. She loves to cuddle and give and receive lots of hugs.

Ciarra and Tiarra will thrive in a two parent home. They need a family with knowledge about working with children with special needs. The family needs to be very patient and loving. They will also need to be encouraging and motivating to help the children progress in life.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

A family for every child has a place on the child(ren)’s page a link for making an inquiry. This is the link for Tiarra and Ciarra. In this case a family for every child not only has the sibling picture, but has individual pictures for Tiarra and Ciarra; but they are not labeled so I am not sure who is who 🙂 I cannot post them here so you would have to go to their link to see them!

A family for every child has listings in every state. So, if you go to their page you can select the following search criteria: siblings or not, the state, or the region. There is also an advanced search feature. I hope these sites are encouraging you to step out and see if adoption from foster care is a viable option for your family.

Happy Adoption Month!




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