Needed Florida family for Xander and Zackary deadline 11.20.14

update for Xander and Zachary’s situation.

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Update: 11/18/14 3:11pm Eastern Time: We have received some additional information regarding Zachary’s birth father.  He reports that he does not recall having any medical issues during his childhood.  He current has high blood pressure and takes Nexium for acid reflux.  He reports no other medical issues. 

To date three families have indicated they have sent in their application packets.  


The contact information for these siblings is:

Elizabeth R. Ondriezek, Esquire

3829 Atlantic Boulevard

Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Telephone: (904) 396-3900

Facsimile:   (904) 396-5005

Shared with her permission:

This Case is a bridge case: one sibling is being voluntarily placed by an intervention. The other brother is being placed by the children social services system. Important to note; the family must be willing to be state approved as well as the ability to move on a non subsidized adoption…Full Details to follow.





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2 comments on “Needed Florida family for Xander and Zackary deadline 11.20.14

    • It is probably the birth father’s request for a father for her two little boys. There are many situations where an expectant or birth family would pick a single parent.

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