Immediately needed Special family for a premature AA girl in IL

Update: 12/9/14 although she has not yet been released from the hospital, she has been matched with a family 🙂 !! Praise God!

Special Needs child needs adoptive family: thPC0NSV19 Adoption-Link of Oak Park is searching for a dedicated home study ready family who is prepared and eager to welcome into their home a baby with special needs.

This family must be home study ready.

Baby Girl was born  at 29 weeks gestation. She has bilateral club feet and has had ongoing stomach problems. Baby Girl has not done well eating through a tube, so she currently receives nutrition through an IV. She has also had issues with elimination and the doctors are investigating a solution.

Baby Girl was born at about 2.5 lbs and as of November 11th was only a little over 3lbs. She has been breathing on her own without oxygen very well. Baby Girl’s eye exam last week revealed that her optic nerve is not connecting properly to her brain. She will most likely have no vision in her right eye and have limited to no vision in her left.

She had an MRI and her brain looks normal. However, her mother had been drinking heavily throughout the pregnancy, so it is very likely that Baby Girl could have serious cognitive or developmental delays and need assistance with activities of daily living.

It is possible that Baby Girl will need 24/7 care but the doctors are unable to estimate what level of care she will need at this time.

As of last week, her doctor stated that she would have normal life expectancy. Baby Girl is estimated to remain in the NICU for at least eight more weeks.

Baby Girl was born to African American parents who are prepared and willing to sign Final and Irrevocable Surrender papers once a permanent adoptive family is identified.

The ideal family for this baby is one who is able to provide a high level of care. All serious inquiries should be directed to Adoption-Link. Please call Caroline Kritzalis or Noreen Davidson for more information. Ph (708) 524.1433, Fax (708) 524.9691, E-mail In the presence


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