Ke’Shaya who is 4 waits in TX


Ke’Shaya is one of those children that I have seen on for a very long time.  I am never sure exactly why it takes so long to find families for some children but, sometimes that is due to no interested families, and, sometimes, it is that the family needed for the child is very specific in requirements.  I am not sure which is the case for Ke’Shaya. But regardless, she has a family somewhere. And she should not wait one more day before they say YES and find her. Maybe they will find her RIGHT here! How exciting is that?

Status: Available
Name: Ke’Shaya
Age: 4
Race: African American/Black
Gender: Female
State: Texas
Case #: TX0177855
Last Profile Update: 10/03/14
Photo Updated: 03/07/13

About Ke’Shaya

Ke’Shaya is a true delight. She brings so much joy to her foster home. Ke’Shaya enjoys interacting with her foster family. She will reward them with giggles and smiles. Ke’Shaya loves to be the center of their attention and is quite their social butterfly. She is a very happy little girl. Being held and talked to is one of her favorite pastimes. At other times, she likes to play with her musical toys that light up. Ke’Shaya always likes a good toy show.

Ke’Shaya requires a trach, g-tube, and is on a ventilator 22 hours per day. Ke’Shaya participates in therapy. She has some catching up to do physically, emotionally, and developmentally, but she is a hard little worker. KeShaya requires constant supervision. She is eager to do more and has a determined little personality.

Ke’Shaya’s link is :

It does not read as if the search is limited to TX, but the only way to know is to register on adopt us kids if you have a current homestudy and inquire on Ke’Shaya 🙂 I hope she finds her family really soon.



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