Tanner who is 4 in North Carolina

I missed a lot of days this month highlighting children who wait. But I do plan on continuing to feature one child or sibling group every week from now on. There is SUCH a need.  This little guy just reached in there and squeezed my heart:

Here is


Tanner his page on adopt us kids is : http://adoptuskids.org/_app/child/viewp.aspx?id=54155

Status: Available
Name: Tanner
Age: 4
Race: White/Caucasian
Gender: Male
State: North Carolina
Case #: NC10526-3584
Last Profile Update: 11/06/14
Photo Updated: 11/06/14

About Tanner

**North Carolina Families Only at this time**

Tanner is a four year old little boy with reddish brown hair, beautiful deep blue/green eyes and an irresistible smile. He is sweet, curious and easy to love. Tanner is known to have an infectious giggle that is sure to get you laughing as well. Though he is slow to warm up to new people, once he does he is very friendly. Some of Tanner’s favorite foods are chicken mcnuggets and french fries. Tanner enjoys being outside and singing special songs with his foster mom such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “This Little Light of Mine.”

Tanner has significant medical concerns and developmental delays that are related to neglect he endured during infancy, as well as some genetic disorders. He has regularly scheduled appointments to monitor his progress. Tanner requires daily early intervention services to assist him in overcoming some of his challenges. Tanner is four years of age, however he falls in the range of a 12-15 month old child. Currently, he attends Pre-K receiving special assistance throughout the day to help him reach his goals.

An ideal family for Tanner will possess strong skills in patience, understanding and an ability to learn how to interpret Tanner’s needs. Tanner’s forever family must be dedicated to maintaining consistence in his medical care and be committed to providing lifelong assistance to this loving child.

 If you are in NC and have a homestudy, register at http://adoptuskids.org and inquire on Tanner. His family is somewhere in this great state! Lets help find it 🙂



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