Needed a family for Three year old girl with Cerebral Palsy


UPDATE: Sara has said this little one had three families come forward for her 🙂 So excited to say she will have a family!!

This little one is three; she is in North Carolina and is being placed by her family due to some unexpected circumstances. She is pretty and blond. She cannot talk, but is making new vowel sounds. The birth family has reported hearing two full sentences from her, but then that was it.

She has been taking steps in physical therapy with her walker, but cannot walk alone. Her legs are strong, but her torso needs support. She wears AFO’s, hand braces, arm braces and a back brace. She tries so hard, but has a hard time making her body do what she wants it to do.

She is very aware of her surroundings. She can look at certain people when asked, she can and will look at certain objects in a book when requested. She is observant of the people around her and laughs at appropriate times.

She recognizes places since she cries when they pull into the daycare.

She has the sweetest personality ever. She can hug and replies with mmmmmmmm. She is beautiful and needs a forever family.

Due to the involvement of an agency, to help with subsidy applications, her fees will be $8000 or less.

The birth family is looking for a smaller family; three or fewer children, although all families are encouraged to apply.


If hearing her story, makes you see her in your home, with her stocking hung with yours and laughing together over Garfield’s Christmas Story;

And you have a current homestudy,

 please contact Sara at Special Angels Adoption.

If she is not your little one, please share so she can find her forever family.


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