A change of heart

I very rarely enter into the fundraising of others, unless I feel led by God to do it… See there is this mom…

A few months ago a mom who was thinking of placing her unborn baby in the state of PA began speaking to a few of us on a facebook page. I felt the nudge of God to continue the conversation even though for the most part it was one sided…my side. She had no intention of placing with our family; but for some reason God kept nudging me to continue this one-sided conversation…

Fast forward a few months…last week she went into labor early; her placenta abrupted and she lost a lot of blood…but most devastating; her baby suffered a lack of oxygen for a prolonged period of time and has significant brain damage….they transferred him to another hospital: right into Saint Christopher’s Children’s Hospital…


Those of you that follow my family’s story understand that Saint Christopher’s Hospital has a very significant place in our hearts; both Mazie and Eli spent a long time there after birth and some of the nurses still keep in touch with us…

Who would have ever predicted this? I had not any idea where in PA this mother lived and for her baby to be born special and transferred right into that hospital… goosebumps 🙂


Any way she kept in contact with the agency that she was working with during this crisis…but they were putting the screws in. As she was contemplating all of the crisis and her body was in shock; the agency was telling her if she did not sign right then….they would not pay her DEC rent…and her kids would not have Christmas as promised…


So… her heart could not stand that they did not care … and she decided to PARENT; which has left her in a bit of a bind. The bus fare alone is $25.00 for each visit with her precious King Gabriel.

In her own words, you can see what her needs are; she set up a gofundme site that I would love for you to visit and pray and if you are led, I would ask if you would each donate $5.00 so she has a moment to breathe. The baby is still hospitalized and will need a Gtube because he has lost his gag reflex. His future is unknown…But we know God is a God of miracles.

As for my role???  I guess I am supposed to encourage and support her emotionally as she absorbs her role in his care… Isn’t God good??

Here Once again is the link to her Gofundme site;



3 comments on “A change of heart

  1. I have been working with this mom for months. What this agency has put her and others through is unthinkable. I think God made our paths cross as we also have a child with severe cerebral palsy. Thank you for sharing her story.

    • For some reason God connected us, and she needs us right now to encourage her 🙂 please feel free to share this link so she can be funded for December. Such a hard month in which to be without rent money.

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