Two situations needing families ARKANSAS agency


Update 12/9/14 4:13 pm Both situations are now matched. Thank you all for sharing so these little ones have families 🙂

Update 12/8/14 2:51pm. Situations 1 still needs families, situation 2 is matched.

A worker for an Arkansas agency contacted me. They contract with for their situations in which they have no contracted interested families. She wondered if I would post about them; and of course I said YES 🙂


Situation 1

Mom and dad are married, living in TX and have placed before. The baby is due in April, gender unknown.

The baby will be full African American.

They wish for a CLOSED adoption.

Due to the laws in TX and Arkansas, the adoptive family must be from ARKANSAS, homestudy ready.

Fees for this situation are:

  • Agency fees: $13,800.00, $10,800.00
  • Living expenses $7,000.00,
  • Estimated legal expenses of $5000.00.
    • Fee schedule:
    • $ 8,000 due 3 days after match ($5000 is agency, $3000 living)
    • $2000.00 due Feb 5, 2015 (living expenses)
    • $7800.00 due 14 days prior to delivery or before baby is discharged from the hospital ($5800 *refundable* is remainder of agency fee not deposited until revocation is complete, $2000 remainder of living expenses)
    • Legal fees estimated at $5000.00 ($3100-$7000 range) paid directly to the attorney

If you are interested contact:


Situation 2 MATCHED

Mom is due March 7, 2014. There is a legal father and a birth father that is unknown.

Mom is Caucasian and African American; birthfather is Hispanic.

This mom is from Arkansas and would prefer a family that lives in Arkansas or a neighboring state so she could have an open adoption with the chosen family. She also wishes for there to be some color in the family. Her preferences are either a childless family, or a family with one other child.

Fees for this situation:

  • Agency fees: $12,800.00
  • Living expenses: $6,000.00 $5,000.00
  • Estimated legal expenses: $5,000.00
    • Fee schedule:
    • $3000.00 due 72 hours after match( $2000 initial agency fee, $1000 living)
    • $3,800.00 due 14 days or after 72 hours after meeting with the birth mother (case management fee)
    • $1000.00 due 60 days from match( living expenses)
    • $10,000.00 due 14 days prior to delivery date or before baby is discharged from the hospital whichever comes first ($7000 *refundable* placement fee, $3000 remainder of living expenses)
    • Legal fees estimated at $5000 ($2500-$4000+ range) due directly to the attorney

If you are interested, contact

I know not everyone is called to be a parent to a special needs child, but feel that they wish to start or grow their family through adoption. If these situations work for your family and you are homestudy ready; 🙂  I hope to hear the good news!! But, if these situations do not work for you and yours, please share so these babies will be welcomed into loving families right from the start!

When is it Enough?

I do not work with neither do I endorse or am reimbursed in any way by any entity.


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