Need Arkansas Single mom or couple for gender unknown AA April 2015 baby

UPDATE: 12/9/14 4:11pm SHE HAS BEEN MATCHED!! Thank you all so much for helping find a family for these more difficult situations!!

12/8/14 at 2:37 pm Update for this situation: Still no families that are homestudy ready and financially ready have applied. The placing couple desires a loving SINGLE MOM or Married Husband and Wife couple.  This is a great situation for the right family!

This husband and wife have placed twice before. She does not know the gender.  This situation is an agency pick. This is her tenth child.


Mom and dad are married, living in TX and have placed before. The baby is due in April, gender unknown.

The baby will be full African American.

They wish for a CLOSED adoption.

Due to the laws in TX and Arkansas, the adoptive family must be from ARKANSAS, homestudy ready.

Fees for this situation are:

  • Agency fees: $13,800.00, $10,800.00
  • Living expenses $7,000.00,
  • Estimated legal expenses of $5000.00.
    • Fee schedule:
    • $ 8,000 due 3 days after match ($5000 is agency, $3000 living)
    • $2000.00 due Feb 5, 2015 (living expenses)
    • $7800.00 due 14 days prior to delivery or before baby is discharged from the hospital ($5800 *refundable* is remainder of agency fee not deposited until revocation is complete, $2000 remainder of living expenses)
    • Legal fees estimated at $5000.00 ($3100-$7000 range) paid directly to the attorney

If you are interested contact:


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