The Cradle looking for a family for DS little girl

Another special blessing has been born:


Baby A

A is an adorable three-week-old baby girl born with Down syndrome at 35 weeks gestation. She likes to be held and rocked. She is slowly learning to bottle feed and currently needs mostly NG feedings. Her heart condition is favorable, it’s anticipated that a minor PDA and PFO will close.

Baby A’s future needs would include monitoring of her developmental issues related to Down syndrome. She needs to continue learning oral feeding skills with a therapist. She would need early intervention services for developmental progress and specialized medical care for health issues

If you are interested please fill out the information on their website:

This is an EASY one 🙂 Who would not love a little one with something extra?



2 comments on “The Cradle looking for a family for DS little girl

  1. I am an RN of 23 years, and we applied for this situation. It would appear they are looking for a very specific type of family, so I would encourage you to apply.

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