Urgent Placement Indiana Baby Girl

Update 12/20/14 baby is matched!! Thank you all for sharing, this baby girl has been matched with her family!! But still waiting for a match is this little one due in February with mild agenesis of corpus collosum: Due Feb 2015 in TX Please read and share about this little guy, he needs a family right from the start!! http://wp.me/pGjVl-Y8


time is running out Inna has adjusted her criteria for eligible families. She has already spoken to the social services at the hospital regarding her long term care if no family comes forward. Please, lets find her a family…she needs a family.

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Update: 12/17/14 Inna is now willing to consider any family physically able to care for this baby that has a current homestudy that is specific for special needs placement!! Including those who have other children with special needs in the home. So if that is you, and this little one touches your heart, please apply! follow the guidelines below for sending in your application!!

Domestic Adoption- Immediate Placement!


KidsFirst Adoption,

9135 North Meridian Street, Suite B-4, Indianapolis, IN 46260

 is currently looking for an adoptive family for an infant, Caucasian female born December 15, 2014. This is an immediate placement! The child has been diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus and microcephaly. Fees are $6000.00 placement, $2000.00 legal with ICPC and  $1000.00 for Indiana families.  In the state of Indiana, the birthmom is entitled to $3000.00 of living expenses if requested(she has not requested them at this time)

 KidsFirst requires that the adoptive parents are

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