Stefko in NY with Down Syndrome

 This little boy is so handsome, This is NOT a foster care placement.

He can be placed in ANY state and His placement fees are $0 ; but the family would be responsible for post-placement and finalization of his adoption… First of all HERE HE IS 🙂


Now doesn’t he make you smile!! He is very kind to other children and could be placed in a home with younger siblings.

He is listed with Spence Chapin  and with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network…but they need families to make a choice!!

Here is the link for him at Spence Chapin:

Here is the description listed for Stefko:

We are looking for an adoptive family for Stefko, an adorable boy who just turned 9 in November. Stefko was born in Bulgaria and moved to New York about 2 years ago.  He is currently being cared for by his mother, who cares for him deeply but unfortunately is unable to continue parenting him due to his social needs and the lack of support and resources in her community.  Stefko is a very sweet and lovable boy, which a playful and smiling nature.  He is very curious and will explore everything in his surrounding environment. He will need a strong and resourceful family to help him deal with the challenges he will face in his daily life.


Stefko has a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), with hypothyroidism, for which he takes synthroid daily, but other than that is currently overall healthy.  He wears glasses for his poor vision and foot orthotics for ankle stability. For the most part, Stefko is nonverbal. He is able to say some basic words and also knows some basic sign language, but usually needs to be prompted to use it.  He has recently begun to use a speech device at school and now appears to understand the concept of yes and no.  Stefko has difficulty retaining new information and sometimes appears to have little patience due to his lack of understanding and communication skills, causing him to occasionally tantrum to express himself or have his needs met.  He currently requires ongoing supervision.


Stefko loves horseplay, playing in water or with bubbles, and playing on the playground, especially on the monkey bars.  He likes to go for walks around the neighborhood and loves dogs.  He likes to dance, doing arts and crafts, and really enjoys playing with toys and books that make sounds and/or light up.  He is intrigued by people doing any type of woodworking, such as using a hammer, tape measure, etc., and is always ready to help with these activities.  Stefko currently loves pointing at specific things and having you tell him what they are.


Stefko is in an 8:1:2 class at school which means 8 students, 1 teacher and 2 paraprofessionals. He receives occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy within his school.  He also goes to art therapy outside of school 2 times a month. Stefko recently started writing his name after much practice at school and has also knows all the colors and can sign them. According to his teachers, Stefko can follow directions, comply with rules and understands a lot, but can sometimes be difficult in terms of behavior. For instance, if they are putting something up on the Smartboard and it is not what he likes, or if it takes longer than expected for a program to open, he may tantrum.  He is currently being taught waiting and taking turn games and activities, which appear to be helping him learn.  Stefko loves technology, especially IPads, and loves to watch interactive songs, dances, etc., so much so that he sometimes has difficult separating himself from those activities when it is time to finish.


His mother is making an adoption plan because although she loves him dearly she is not able to meet his current and anticipated needs.  She is seeking an adoptive family interested in having an open adoption, which would include exchanging letters with updates and pictures, and the possibility of a yearly visit.  Families from any state in the U.S. will be considered.


Prospective adoptive families must research Down syndrome, consult with their pediatrician regarding what is currently known about this diagnosis, and reach out to their community to see what resources are currently available, such as early interventions, specialized schools and other therapies.  Although Stefko is currently medically stable, he will face varied and unpredictable challenges in the future and therefore families must be prepared and have the support systems and resources needed for him.  It would be of critical value for the adoptive family to have experience adopting older children and parenting children with disabilities.

Please note that the information included here is all that is available to be shared with families at this time.  More information will be made available to the prospective families who are selected by Stefko’s mother.

If you feel that your family could be the family for Sefko please complete our ASAP pre-application form and forward us your current, up to date, home study.  If we have a current, up to date, home study on file for you, please email us regarding your interest in this amazing boy.  We can be reached by email at, fax at (888) 742-6126, or mail can be sent to ASAP at Spence-Chapin, 410 East 92nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10128.

If Stefko is not a child that suits your family…please share so he can find his forever home…He needs that special family and I know it exists…we just have to find it!!


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