Still he waits

So many people are drawn to children with Down syndrome. There is just something about their stubbornness, their tenacity, their spirit that keeps fighting the odds, their even keel personalities… so unique each one, and the Love they return to us is unmeasurable…

Stefko still waits.  If you are frustrated with not being picked… the high cost of adoption…knowing God is calling you to adopt but there are just so many nos … The foster system is beyond slow… you are ready but where is your child?? Stefko still waits. Every child needs a family…


You have been waiting a long time and so has he…He does not need a perfect family, he just needs A Family that loves him. In your heart, can you honestly tell him No? All that you need is a current homestudy and a desire to be his family. Contact Spence Chapin:

If you feel that your family could be the family for Sefko please complete our ASAP pre-application form and forward us your current, up to date, home study.  If we have a current, up to date, home study on file for you, please email us regarding your interest in this amazing boy.  We can be reached by email at, fax at (888) 742-6126, or mail can be sent to ASAP at Spence-Chapin, 410 East 92nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10128.

There are NO fees for his adoption: read his full information here on this blog post…

How long must he wait? If he is not your child, or you are not yet homestudy ready; please share this post… New York is not that far away…




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