Considering Bulgaria

I heard a quote somewhere. I know this is probably not exactly it… but close.

“Why did you adopt from China?” The mom answered, “Because that is where my daughter was.”

It is the beginning of the year when those of us on the adoption journey, often assess and regroup. We look back over the past year and either decide we are going to start the process of adoption or, those of us already homestudy ready, going to change something… anything… Some of us decide to change from domestic adoption into an international plan or vice versa.

It can get confusing when you look at all of the countries that are Hague approved for adoption. And not all agencies are able to do an international homestudy. Like most of you, I heard about China, Korea, Haiti, and countries like that which have available children waiting for homes. But I had never really heard much about Bulgaria, had you?


Bulgaria is north of Turkey and south of Romania. The adoption program is very established and surprising to me, you can actually match with a child prior to completing your homestudy. Romania has few requirements:

  • Prospective parents must be US citizens
  • Prospective parents must be 25 years older than the child but no more than 50 years older than the child
  • 2 trips are required each trip approximately 1 week long
  • Adoption fees including travel are approximately $35,000.

I can honestly say after hearing all of the nightmare scenarios of domestic adoption; this is quite tempting.

Inna Picar of Kidsfirst Adoptions shared a few situations that she has right now that are waiting for families to say yes and surround these children with the love of a family. All of these children are currently in the orphanage in Bulgaria.

2 brothers[1]

These two brothers, 11 and 12 years old must be adopted together. They are both healthy physically and are developmentally on target.  Both boys take care of their own hygiene appropriately. The older brother likes to keep his personal space tidy. He completed third grade has great communication skills and is curious about things. He likes to memorize poems and play soccer. He really wants to be a part of a family. The younger brother is described as lively, happy and stubborn. He is currently in third grade and likes writing and math. He loves to draw, paint, do puzzles, and play with his brother. He says over and over again that he would like to be adopted.

3 brothers[1]

These three brothers are 10, 12 and 15 years old. All three boys are described as being healthy and  having normal physical and mental development. The oldest child has great communication skills with both adults and children. He adapts easily into new environments and does well at school. He is involved with basketball and swimming. The middle child is very well behaved, respects authority, and follows the rules. He interacts well with his peers and adapts easily to new environments also. He plays football, volleyball, and other sports. He is a great student; being disciplined and responsible in his studies. The youngest brother adapts well and likes to help with the younger children in the orphanage. He is very social and does well in school; being responsible and disciplined.


This boy is fourteen years old is healthy and has normal physical and psychological development. He has age appropriate motor, intellectual, emotional and speech development. He is social and adapts well to different surroundings. He likes being helpful and likes to be busy. He is doing well in school. He loves drawing, construction, and making models.

young boy[1]

This little guy is three years old and has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. He often suffers from upper respiratory infections. He is otherwise healthy, but his psychomotor development is delayed. He walks with support and sits on his own. He knows his name, imitates sounds, and says syllables. He prefers to play independently, rather than with his peers. He seeks and accepts contact with adults and peers. He shows an interest in his surroundings and has a positive emotional tone. He needs individual work with occupational therapy

Inna Picar also told me she has other sibling groups, single children, girls and special needs children available right now. As I stated before, you can decide on a child to adopt and match with them prior to having your international paperwork complete. If you are interested in speaking to someone about the Bulgaria program, its requirements and your eligibility; please contact :

Kids First Adoption Services

Inna Pecar or call 317-843-2300

9135 N Meridian St. Suite B-4

Indianapolis, IN 46260




2 comments on “Considering Bulgaria

  1. Nice posting, Esther. We had 3 neighbors from Bulgaria when I was growing up. Victoria and Lozan Georgeff were the kindest folks, very social and friendly. They brought this beautiful pump organ with them from Bulgaria, along with other ornate antiques. “Auntie Vicky” was quite the cook, baker and gardener. Lots of pasteries and other goodies with poppy seeds! Her Brother-In-Law, Gerro was a highly skilled leather worker (he carved/tooled patterns into leather). We had all sorts of his wares in our house. I still have a leather wastepaper basket that has patterns, a beautiful belt, my Mom had a beautiful camera case that he made. He worked at Marshal Fields where his trade was well appreciated. It was sad, his wife back in Bulgaria would NOT come to the USA to live with him as she had a bad perception of the USA and would not leave her home country. Remember, this was back in the day when Bulgaria was an “iron block” country; before the Berlin wall came down, when Communism was rampant in that area of the world. He would travel back to visit his family alot and then ended up staying one time and did not come back to the USA. Our 2 neighbors ended selling their house and moving to FL. The neighbors missed them as much as my parents and I did. Their house was sold and the lot(s) on either side of their house were sold and houses built on the land. THAT was the worst part, their vast and lovely gardens were all destroyed when the new houses were built. The many grape vines, fruit trees, flowers and vegetables were gone forever, so were the many gatherings that garden held for friends and neighbors of these great, friendly people. Good luck to you and others who consider adopting children from Bulgaria. Truly wonderful people with a great sense of pride and tradition.

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