Pennsylvania Adoption

I work hard on this page providing a service I hope to those of you looking for situations and I love doing that…But we were approached about a situation in our agency and we do not have the funds to move forward. Most of our agency special needs adoptions are in the range of $15,000 agency fees; lawyer fees are of course on top of that amount.



I am feeling badly today that we will have to say no… but I do not want to the NEXT time. So, instead of selling something pretty, or trying to make you buy something that you may or may not want; I freely offer my blogs and if you feel led to help us in our adoption journey just hit the “for our adoption fund” button at the bottom of this page or on the sidebar of my blog site. It takes you to a paypal fund that I promise to keep you up to date on here. We are so very limited in the situations we can say yes to since we need to stay in our home state of Pennsylvania at this time.

Always when our agency has special needs situations it is not like international adoptions where you have a picture and you know the special need and you can have a time frame. I have no timeframe God knows what the timeframe is. One thing I know is that I HATE to say no. WE may do cradle care for her, but unless funds come in overnight, we will not be able to say yes…. not able to say yes is a NO 😥
For our Adoption Fund:


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