Two years old and never been home

 Update: 1/21/15… They have 20 families and she is closing the list 🙂 Praise God thank you all so much for sharing so he could have a home !! Those that have inquired and she has not gotten back to you, she will try!!

My heart. Never home. In the United States.



There is a two year old boy with Costillo Syndrome .
He has either always been in the hospital or in a long term care home for children with special needs.  They are ready to discharge him, except…his mom, who loves him very much knows she will not be able to care for him since she has an older child and is expecting another child. She also does not have wheelchair accommodations. She wants to try, but realizes that she cannot do it.
This little guy has a feeding tube and sometimes uses a breathing machine. He cannot walk or really even turn over yet. In the next few weeks he will be discharged and he needs a HOME.  He is biracial and beautiful!!



Here is his full information that I have :

Please help this sweet boy find his FOREVER FAMILY. Looking for a family that would take a severely disabled two year old? He has Costillo syndrome. He has one …eye and is on a feeding tube. The attorney who has the case will get more info when she knows more. He functions like a two month old. He is precious. He is Half black half white. Fees about $5000 just to cover case work and legal fees. Costello syndrome is a disorder that affects many parts of the body. This condition is characterized by delayed development and intellectual disability, loose folds of skin (which are especially noticeable on the hands and feet), unusually flexible joints, and distinctive facial features including a large mouth. Heart problems are common, including an abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia), structural heart defects, and a type of heart disease that enlarges and
weakens the heart muscle (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). Infants with Costello syndrome may be larger than average at birth, but most have difficulty feeding and grow more slowly than other children. People with this condition have relatively short stature and may have reduced growth hormone levels. Other signs and symptoms of Costello syndrome can include tight Achilles tendons (which connect the calf muscles to the heel), weak muscle tone (hypotonia), a structural abnormality of the brain called a Chiari I malformation, skeletal abnormalities, dental problems, and problems with vision. Nothing that the love of wonderful parents and good medical care can’t take care of. Please if anyone is home study ready and open to Medically Fragile




please contact Hope Embraced Adoption Agency at or Jeanna at
+1 (864) 641-8142 for info and to show parent profile.

This was shared with permission from Hope Embraced Adoptions


In other news : Thank you for the $95.00 donation toward our future adoption 🙂

I work hard on this page providing a service I hope to those of you looking for situations and I love doing that…But we were approached about a situation in our agency and we do not have the funds to move forward. Most of our agency special needs adoptions are in the range of $15,000 agency fees; lawyer fees are of course on top of that amount.



I am feeling badly today that we will have to say no… but I do not want to the NEXT time. So, instead of selling something pretty, or trying to make you buy something that you may or may not want; I freely offer my blogs and if you feel led to help us in our adoption journey just hit the “for our adoption fund” button at the bottom of this page or on the sidebar of my blog site. It takes you to a paypal fund that I promise to keep you up to date on here. We are so very limited in the situations we can say yes to since we need to stay in our home state of Pennsylvania at this time.

Always when our agency has special needs situations it is not like international adoptions where you have a picture and you know the special need and you can have a time frame. I have no timeframe God knows what the timeframe is. One thing I know is that I HATE to say no.  We will not be able to say yes…. not able to say yes is a NO 😥

Total given to date:

  • 1/20/15       $45.00

  • 1/21/15        $95.00 Thank you so much!


For our Adoption Fund:


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  1. What is this all about? I just happened on this blog today April 5 2015. Are you an adoption facilitator? We are hoping to adopt….?

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