You are overwhelmed and looking for a family

If you reached this blog because you are a Mom or/and a Dad and looking for a home for your special needs little one;

 If your child or children are

  already born or

maybe you just got news from one of your prenatal tests that you are expecting a little one that you love so much but are overwhelmed with the thought of being a mommy or a daddy to a special angel…

First of all, I am so sorry ….

but know, coming to this page was not a mistake. God loves you and loves your baby too. There is a plan and a purpose for their life and what is happening right now in your life. Thank you for looking at adoption as a possible choice for your little one(s).

Let me reassure you…there are families that would feel blessed to be there forever  for your baby or child

no matter the diagnosis.

If this is YOU, contact me at my personal email : and I WILL help you find the family that you imagine…

I am not an agency, not a facilitator, not a professional…just a mom, and we will speak mom to mom…


4 comments on “You are overwhelmed and looking for a family

  1. What is the scripture referencing: rejoicing over a mother losing another baby, being further traumatized and still fighting a battle? This ad is extremely disturbing and most ungodly, full of deception. God is not mocked. Using scripture to justice leaving a mother childless again is abusive. Use that mother to rehabilitate the mother, help the mother bond to her child, support the mother with her baby, not by taking her baby.

    • I agree that support for the momma is the first thing always!! But sometimes, the momma thinks that is not the right decision for her. Adoption is always, always the choice of the placing family unless the state takes custody because of safety concerns.

      • That decision can only be legitimate when the hormone dump is over and momma can make a clear decision…not one of emotional trauma.

      • that is why legally in most states, the papers for adoption can only be signed after so many days or hours… depends on the state. No adoption agreement can be legally agreed on until that time passes after the birth. Great comment and question. There is usually a revoke period as well dependent on the state ( each state has different laws).

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