3 week old Caucasian Girl in Maine: Family needed Immediately

UPDATE 2/3/15 Family chosen and traveling to meet her tonight !!


UPDATE: 1/31/15 12:50 am Sara has enough families ūüôā This little one will have a family!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

She had a rough time…Such a rough time entering this world. God intended for her to live, but now she needs a family. She is ready to be released from the hospital today; social services have given the agency until Monday 2/2/2015 to find her family. You must be ready to travel to pick her up.


Her mom was on the methadone program and other drug usage is unknown. Her mom had a ruptured placenta for two days prior to delivery. After this angel was born, she went 8 minutes without oxygen and was intubated; she went a full 23 minutes before she was able to gasp.

Due to this birth trauma,  the MRI shows a lot of white matter, indicating to the doctors that she will probably be hemiplegic or quadriplegic.

She is Three weeks old and Caucasian.


She is located in the state of Maine.

Placement fees are $8500.00 including ICPC for receiving states that allow agencies to do ICPC.

Legal fees are estimated at $1500.

This is a HIGH LEGAL risk situation.

If you do not meet the below qualifications please pray and share do not contact Special Angels Adoption…It just takes up her time and is not fair…


If you are homestudy ready and financially ready; please contact



God knows where her family is; pray that she knows she is loved as she waits…


Instead of selling something pretty, or trying to make you buy something that you may, or may not, want; I freely offer my blogs and especially the links page that I have developed over years of work. If you feel led to¬†help us in our adoption journey just hit the “for our adoption fund” button on this page or on the sidebar of my blog site. It takes you to a paypal fund.
Always when our agency has special needs situations, they have no payment plan and the agency fee for special needs situations is now $16000 fixed.
  • 1/20/15 Donation total: $45.00
  • 1/21/15 Donation total: $95.00
  • 1/23/15 Donation total $195.00 I appreciate your gifts!

    For our Adoption Fund:


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