She is 7 years old in the NorthEast

 Updated: 2/4/15 Birth momma is interviewing two families and will make her choice soon!! So this little one will have a family 🙂

NOT a REHOMING situation

This precious birth momma is burnt out and cannot do it anymore; she is coming to the adoption community to ask for a new family for her precious daughter.

She has other children to take care of and is parenting all alone. She has no specific requests for an adoptive family

…just that they LOVE her daughter…Not a hard thing at all…Love her daughter.


  • She is 7

  • She is in the North East

  • She has Cerebral Palsy and crawls and is beginning to walk with supports

  • She has microencephaly

  • She does not talk

  • She is legally blind

  • She attends a 1st grade classroom

  • Placement fees $1500, Legal fees estimated at $2500

I am sure she has favorite toys, music she loves to hear, and a favorite way to be held…

She needs a family to love her no matter what..

to travel the road of life with her and be excited when she conquers



Are you the one to celebrate with her??

Please only contact Marian if you have a current homestudy and are serious about having a precious seven year old fill that empty space in your heart.



Our home study went out for a PA situation 🙂 We are praying that God does what He does best to help the family make this decision:

and the family either decides

  • that they will parent their special one and become confident they can do it;
  • or they pick the family that they are drawn towards; the one in their minds eye they can envision their little one there…Right there that is the home for my baby 🙂

We just have to wait and see if it is us… Meanwhile, our adoption fund is rather low, but God can turn it around so very quickly…in an instant in fact. We are trusting … If you would like to help…

Total donated as of 2/2/15 : $195.00 thank you so much!

  • For our Adoption Fund:

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