Needed Families open to Down syndrome Diagnosis

UPDATE: 2/5/15 Stephanie said she has had 25 inquiries and sent out 7 registration forms to those that are homestudy ready!! That is exciting news ūüôā Thank you all for sharing and responding…If you have not responded yet and want to, just bookmark the blog post so you can find it again when you are READY!!

Down syndrome…

Every time I post a situation about a child or unborn baby with Down syndrome…my stats EXPLODE…The blog is shared tens of thousands of times;



The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN)

Does NOT have families in every state!!


The NDSAN needs home-study ready families in the following states:

Arizona                                             Maine

California                                          Maryland

Colorado                                           Massachusetts

Connecticut                                     Mississippi

District of Columbia                       Montana

Georgia                                             Nevada

Hawaii                                               New Hampshire

Illinois                                                New Jersey

Kentucky                                          North Dakota

Louisiana                                          Oklahoma

Oregon                                              Rhode Island

South Dakota                                  Tennessee

Vermont                                           Washington

That is 26 states where they need registered families!! That means more states are without families than states that have ready families!! And this list does not include the states where only one family is registered. I would love to see a family, at least ONE, for every state listed…WHY NOT??

It costs nothing to register;

you are waiting for that special one

and you will NEVER hear about the child IN YOUR STATE

that needs a family…

unless you register.

We are registered!! It is easy if you have a current home study and are open or even actively seeking a baby or child with Down syndrome.


The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN) has a registry of adoptive families who are home-study ready to adopt, and desire to adopt a child with Down syndrome. They are not an agency, and there are no fees for their services!

Josiah and ME :)

Josiah and ME ūüôā


If you have a

  • current, domestic, signed and dated home study that can be used for both public and private adoptions in any state,
  • and you are immediately available to adopt,

why not register with the NDSAN?

When they are told about a child with Down syndrome needing a home in the US, they will do a query in their registry to see what families would best fit the needs of that child. A report is generated and families are contacted.

If your home study is updated and you are immediately available to adopt, email Stephanie Thompson at and she will send you a registration form.



For more information on the NDSAN, go to, and also visit their Facebook page at , where they constantly update and share information about children in public custody who need homes (private situations are kept confidential).


The NDSAN helped with the placement of 44 children in 2014,

so contact Stephanie to get on the registry today!






8 comments on “Needed Families open to Down syndrome Diagnosis

  1. Why do we need families in each state? Is adoption restricted so that babies born in a state can only be adopted by parents that reside in that state? I have always heard that there is a long line of families each time a baby with a diagnosis of Ds is offered for adoption. This has held me back from getting a home study for our family (in NC). Thank you for your advocacy. Everyone should know the joy of raising a child with Down syndrome.

    • It is a need for a few reasons: sometimes the family placing wants a very open adoption; it is much easier to adopt within the same state especially when medical issues are involved…no ICPC and being stranded in a hotel with a sick baby. Some laws prevent an easy adoption by a family in another state. Those are just a few reasons off of the top of my head. Also, in state adoption is less expensive for the adopting family ūüôā

  2. I wouldn’t say there is a “long line” of people every time a baby with Down syndrome is available for adoption. Many times, birth families have certain criteria they would like the family to meet (could be anything from a stay at home parent to only child to ethnic background). We found our son through NDSAN and it ended up being an out of state adoption. We are fortunate that his birth mother is willing to come to us once a year to visit. It was a wonderful experience and Stephanie is awesome! Our little guy is in one of the pictures above ūüôā

    • Not at all a huge line, but a huge love ūüôā I think your baby is beautiful! Stephanie said the pictures were approved for use for advertising ūüôā hope you don’t mind ! If you do I will certainly remove it !

  3. Our home study was for foster/adopt, but it was through a private agency who was able to “tweak” it to satisfy the sending states requirements at no cost to us. I don’t think this is typical, but the agency is very generous and it was not our first adoption with them.

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