thE7BH0GJEPlease pray for the family for Baby A: Three Week Old Caucasian Girl in Maine


I was given permission to share this is a HUGE complication for those of us who adopt across state lines:

 Please, join with me in praying for the adoption situation I posted about yesterday. The family is still traveling (about 15 hours into their journey to bring baby A home!!) and just received word that the first court date available isn’t until March 3rd!! Coupled with ICPC, they wouldn’t be able to return home for 6 weeks! The attorney is working to find another court system to present to but mountains need to be moved!!! God is more than able to provide the right judge in this who can move things quickly

The difficulty with being out of state with a special needs baby

  • many times the medical insurance for the family is out of network meaning either the insurance co pays are significantly higher or
  • the insurance company takes a while to recognize a child from an adoptive placement and there is usually some negotiating with the company to remind them of the law…that takes a while; meantime it might LOOK LIKE to a hospital that the baby is not covered (usually with appeals it will cover retroactively)
  • if the baby needs immediate care: you are with unfamiliar doctors and an unfamiliar hospital
  • the baby always needs that first visit with a pediatrician within a short time after release from a hospital. With a nicu stay that is usually within 2 days then followed by another visit in 2 weeks…you can easily see the problem here
  • They will NOT be with their family pediatrician!!!

This ICPC laws needs changed for special needs placements as of YESTERDAY how archaic. They know where we live they have our fingerprints for goodness sake…Why not grant provisional ICPC immediately for every special needs placement defined by children who are released from the NICU. PERIOD. This needs changed state by state…so contact your representatives in your state and lets get this changed a state at a time…

OK off of my soap box. Lets please pray for the family for BABY A that mountains will be MOVED. AMEN~


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