REgrouping Going Down the List… Or Up the list :)

Looking at where we are as a family there are some adjustments to be made..

When you are blessed with a larger family many times you have to look at each child and adjust:


I called to cancel IU8 Early Intervention services for Josiah: He barely qualified in ONE area for services (he did not qualify in any of the other areas at all) and I have been through so many therapy years that around November I began to strongly feel “this is pointless” Since I woke up in February still feeling that way. I called and terminated the service. I can always get him re assessed if needed at a later date.


Eli has begun Early Intervention Preschool: This is exciting for him and it is only Once a Week But that has been an adjustment for him. Lots of tears on Thursdays


Benjamin has a Functional Behavioral Assessment coming up in March. Those of you unfamiliar: Autism screenings a lot of times involve seeing where he lacks functionality and it is HOURS of having a Behavioral Specialist BSC) be In his life. It is in preparation for me to decide whether to send him to First Grade next year or continue with homeschooling . He is most difficult with destroying things…pouring all my cleaners down the drain; flooding my bathroom etc. so I need to decide what is best for him and what is best for the family.


Mazie: I requested only BSC  services and termination of Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) services in school. She is very stable in school right now and MA is getting difficult with patients that are long term. So we talked that if we terminate those now and then request them for middle school in a year and a half they may be very willing to give the hours that we need instead of their reduction of approved hours every year and maybe have very few when we really need them.


Faith you know this girl is really growing up!! She is doing well in classes and still loves her art work. She is starting to like to bake if I can keep Shyloh out of the kitchen 🙂


Shyloh is very frustrated with the new Common Core testing in ninth grade and has requested me to homeschool her next year! So she did NOT like cyber which we did for 7th grade. It should be interesting to do curriculum for high school. I never had a child home for high school.

DSCN0001 (2)

Ian has been struggling in his grades and his attachment disorder along with being a teenager has been most difficult. He has not been allowed to stay after school to lift weights because he had failing grades for the second nine weeks. That is making him very unhappy. But as a parent, my job is not to make him happy. We have a much different view of life. Graduation is more important than a weight lifting ribbon. He is in 10th grade.

So the assessment has meant changes for all of them as well as changes for me and my role with each of them 🙂 Good changes though, Growing changes.




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