Needed Family with Tribal Affiliation or Registered Tribal Member

This is not a special needs situation; but is harder to match:


Please read the following list of criteria.
Sharing of this post is appreciated – this baby needs a family!
*Expectant Mom is a Registered Tribal Member so ONE member of Adoptive Family needs to have tribal affiliation as well.
(Any Native American Tribe is okay)
*CALIFORNIA Adoptive Family Preferred (We will consider other states if the rest of this criteria is met.)
*MUST be Home Study Approved
*Willing to have Open Adoption (Pictures, Updates, some contact)
*Baby is due to be born by C-Section last week of Feb 2015
*Gender of Baby is UNKNOWN
*Ethnicity of Baby: Native American, Swedish/English Caucasian, African American
*Birth Father is known.
*Adoption Fee Budget of approx $22K (Legal, Adoption Services, Necessary Living Expenses)
*NO Medical Expenses
*Expectant Mom will be CHOOSING the Adoptive Family. She would like to meet and speak with the family she chooses.
If you meet this criteria, please include the following in your EMAIL:
Name, contact information, and tribal affiliation. Please send your Adoptive Parent Profile or pictures and letter. We will be responding by email and/or contacting by telephone. We will need a copy of your Home Study in order to move forward with this match.
Please email:

Please share so a family can be found!



Update from our journey:

It is hard to wait when a family is looking and thinking about your family as a possible placement. Waiting is hard.


2/4/15 Total donated $255 Thank you so much!

Instead of selling something pretty, or trying to make you buy something that you may, or may not, want; I freely offer my blogs and especially the links page that I have developed over years of work. If you feel led to help us in our adoption journey just hit the “for our adoption fund” button on this page or on the sidebar of my blog site. It takes you to a paypal fund.

  • For our Adoption Fund:




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