Prayers for Will Update and MORE

When I asked you to pray for Will…His life was in the balance…

His momma gave me this update to share with you:

Will is doing well but is having trouble with sedation meds. The doctors are having a hard time finding a balance between too wide awake and too far asleep. He needs to remain still so that he doesn’t rub his throat with the intubation tube. If his throat doesn’t heal enough, he will have to have a tracheotomy. But, if he is too deeply sleeping, his blood pressure drops very low. We would love prayer that they can find a good balance of meds as well as that we can avoid getting the trach if at all possible.

And three minutes ago:

Some minor setbacks today. Will has a low-grade fever that doesn’t seem to want to go away. They did a culture and it showed that his white blood cell count is up, indicating infection, but they don’t know where. They also started antibiotics. Also, his blood pressure has dropped just enough for them to be concerned. He is having a second arterial line inserted as we speak (which is why I am typing and trying not to look right now) that will continuously monitor his blood pressure instead of the cuff doing it every few minutes. They are trying very hard to keep him asleep without his blood pressure dropping too much. They seem positive, but I can tell that they are a bit worried. I would appreciate so much your prayers for everything to balance out and for the infection to go away.

So there has been improvement PRAISE GOD!! She has been encouraged by making this map of all of YOU who are praying for HIM…


You can follow Will’s journey and his family with this link:


But … there is Emma and her momma and daddy who are also getting so tired, so discouraged…

“Putting in a central line” was the last comment

as she is in PICU with a nasty virus… If you wish please send an ecard to her family

Name is Emma Rogers she is in the PICU

And there is Lizzy

Who was sent by ambulance to children’s hospital just last night

And so so many more…

Let us join together and AGREE that This Season is Over…

That God would protect These Defenseless Children…

That they would return to Health!!


Yes That is What will Happen…






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