She is 10 Years old in the Northeast

DSCN2472Update: 2/25/15 

 Marian from Love and Hope adoptions has told me that, of the families that came forward for her…

none have a current homestudy….

this little ten year old girl still needs her forever home.

Please pray about her and pray about her family…

that they come soon…

She is still in elementary school and probably has a few friends, or not.

She probably likes candy and pizza; what ten year old doesn’t?

She does not understand why she is overwhelmed in her family,

but she is…

She doesn’t know how things got to this place…

but they did

She’s just a kid

Her current family is looking for a new home for her:


  • she is 10

  • This is not a foster care placement

  • she is Caucasian

  • she is in the north eastern part of the US

  • can go to any state

  • would do best in a smaller family

  • Favorite things to do:

    • swimming

    • dogs

    • crafts


If you are interested in this precious little girl;

whom God loves so very much

and sees her as she waits…

If you are homestudy ready or close with current clearances

If she can be the youngest child  or in a family with no children

Please send marian an email with any questions you may have or to submit your profile

I wish I could say this is easy; but it is never easy…

If she is not your precious little one that you are waiting for;

please share so she can find her family…

she has a forever family…she does

2/16/15 Total donated $255 Thank you so much!

Instead of selling something pretty, or trying to make you buy something that you may, or may not, want; I freely offer my blogs and especially the links page that I have developed over years of work. If you feel led to help us in our adoption journey just hit the “for our adoption fund” button on this page or on the sidebar of my blog site. It takes you to a paypal fund.

  • For our Adoption Fund:




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