The Only Family

Are we supposed to be the one?


Where will the funds come from?

We are the ONLY family at this point to be presented this week…

We want what is best…

I asked to share here on my blog;

 the response to the question was NO…due to the confidentiality issues with this case



High legal risk

We have done that before

Medical unknowns

We have done that before

The only family

With almost No money

The Heart, But No money

God will have to move…

I Want HIS BEST will

Fees: agency $12,000 + facilitator $8000-10,000

Help us if you feel led…


If we are not the family; pray that God will raise up a family … she has been in cradle care for over a month…It is time for her to come home.

If the link does not work: our paypal email is

And pray for us to find a way because right now there seems to be NO WAY

2/23/15 Total donated $255

new total $355

3:00pm eastern time $455 thank you all so much


For our Adoption Fund:

Facebook pages that list situations:


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